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    Kin Ringtones


      The Kin Two ringtones are terrible, not even a regular ring sound. However, I can not find a way to change the ringtone to one of my MP3 files so am stuck with a terrible squeal when I get a call.


      It is possible to use my own ringtone, if so how?



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          Try text messaging or mmsing yourself the sound/song/ringtone.  Thats how I did it was alot of my other phones that were supposedly not able to do custom ringtones. 

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            I have the songs on the phone already to roll, but there seems to be no option to use them for ringtones.


            Surely you can, I just can't find how.



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              You have to mms text the ringtones to your phone. You can email them to yourselve at ##########@vzwpix.com (where ###... is your full ten digit phone number). When you recieve the text on your Kin, you will see an option to save the attachment as a ringtone. As far as I have been able to figure out, this is the only way.

              Hope it works for you.

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                Every time I text myself (from email) the attachment gets removed. I m going to try texting it from one of kids phones. That may be the issue.

                EDIT: recieved from phone to phone. I could not get email to text(phone) to work...hmm

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                  I use phonezoo.com its easy to sign up for an account and you just txt the ringtone to your phone.  you can even upload and create your own custom ringtones

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                    use myxer.com - you can get free and/or cheap ring tones, or upload your own mp3 and the site will send it as a txt message to your phone. for free! (I was happy because you don't even need to create an account to use this service.) when you get the txt message from them, you hit "save" and the sound will end up in your list of ring tones.


                    fyi: I found a really loud ringtone on myxer called "annoying beeps". yes, it is annoying, but it is so loud, if you're outside walking around in a city, you should be able to hear it!


                    note: before you send a ringtone to your phone, you can edit it a bit. choose the "customize it first"  button, and you can edit the volume, length of time the song is, etc. choosing "loudest" on the volume really helped.


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                      Thanks sw_girl for the tip on "annoying beeps".  Just what I was looking for !!   I can't hear my ringer in the car if I have it set to a song because it bleneds in with the music playing on my car radio, so need something loud and annoying!  I was in a crowded mall Christmas shopping today and couldn't hear my phone at all, so this will take care of that problem too !!  Is it possible to download a vibrate ringtone?  The vibrate mode on the phone is so quite.


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                        Pammy wrote:

                        ...  Is it possible to download a vibrate ringtone?  The vibrate mode on the phone is so quite.




                        The vibrate is a function of the phone itself, so downloading a ringtone will not change how intense or strong the vibration is.  Unfortunately, some phones don't have a very strong vibration, wihile others do.

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                          This really works!!!!

                          Thanks man!

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