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    downloading voicemails


      Hello folks,


      I have Verizon service on my blackberry, and was wondering if there was an easy way to download my voicemails as a .wav or .mp3 file. There are a couple that I would like to archive on my computer.


      Quality of the recording is pretty important, so I am hoping I dont have to try and record the voicemail as it plays on my cell.


      Thanks much


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          Our selected vendor, CBW Productions, Inc. offers Verizon Wireless customers an inexpensive way to permanently archive selected voice mail messages:

          • The messages are available as an audio recording, delivered as MP3 or .WAV files, or on a CD-ROM or cassette tape.
          • The service is available for messages in any language.
          • All messages are treated as confidential information.
          • Once messages have been archived, CBW retains a backup copy for a period of 90 daysfrom the date the order was placed.  
          •  CBW can be reached via www.cbwproductions.com/vwclientsorder.htmlor via phone by calling 800-770-8046 or 877-244-3222.

          Messages savedas MP3 filesand delivered via email

          • Due to firewall restrictions, etc., there is a limit of 10 messages per mobile phone number and no more than 10 minutes recording timeper month for MP3 delivery.
          • Orders are processed within five business days from the time that the order is placed, excluding weekends and all holidays.
          $10.00 for the first message and $5.00 for each additional message

          Messages copied onto CD or Cassette Tape

          • All prices include CD or cassette tape and do not include shipping.
          • USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation, USPS Priority Mail, USPS Express Mail, and FedEx is available upon request and requires additional shipping charges.
          • There is no limit on the number of messages that can be created for a customer.
          • Maximum recording time per cassette is 50 minutes and 60 minutes for CD.
          • Message recordings in excess of 60 minutes incur additional processing fees of $100 per hour (billed in 15-minute increments).
          Number of MessagesCost
          Additional messages beyond 22$5 per message

          Additional information:

          • Notary letters = $20 per order (one notarized letter is sent and covers all messages archived as part of that order).
          • Rush service is available for additional cost of $20.00, which places the order to be the next in line to be recorded. Rush delivery options are also available for an additional cost.
          • CBW Productions, Inc., bills customers directly and accepts the following:
            • Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, or
            • debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logos.
          • From the time the order is placed, the CD or cassette is recorded and shipped within five business days, excluding weekends and all holidays.
          • If an Alltel subscriber contacts CBW to have their voice mail messages saved on MP3, CD, or cassette, they receive a 10% discount off their entire order by entering the code ALLTELwhen checking out. Discount is valid from August 2009 through December 2011. 
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            Here's how you do it for free:


            All you need is an audio cable. Get a double male 3.5mm cable and plug one end into your headphone jack on your phone and the other end into the computer mic or line in.  The turn up your speakers and use a sound recorder.


            I could give you link that explains this better and has a link to free audio software that converts your message directly to MP3 and there is also a link for a cheap audio cable if you need one.  You'll have to send me a private message or email me direclty {edited for privacy}.  Good luck.

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              There are also third party apps that you can use that give you the capability to save voicemails as mp3 files - YouMail and Google Voice are two that are free. Of course, they have to be in place when you receive the voicemail, so for those that are already on your phone, you'll need to use the suggestions above.

              For future use though, consider one of the free alternatives to Verizon's voicemail system. I've used YouMail and I'm happy with it.