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    Step by step instructions


      Help! I got this new Droid HTC and can nor make it  do anything. I do not know how to navigate the options and there is no step by step. I would like two questions answered. How do I turn the keyboard lengthwise? How do I backspace to eliminate the errors I type (the arrows don't help me.) how do I enable number typing? Anyone - please help.

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          (1) To turn the KB to landscape, turn the phone that direction and it will do it for you. (2) To backspace, press the backspace button, which is the "arrow" pointing to the left above the enter button, which is the arrow in green below it. (3) For numbers, press the button that has "12#" on it.


          If you are having trouble doing just the basic stuff on your Incredible, maybe try taking it by a VZW dealer and having them demonstrate the phone for you. There also might be some instructional videos on YouTube, and it never hurts to ask anyone under 25 how to use a gadget. They can make you a pro in no time! 

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            Also suggest downloading the manual. It can be found on Verizon's website or on HTC's.

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              Good call, Ann.

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                BTW, just spending a day or two playing with your phone will help you adjust to the different features. I remember when my Mom got a DInc. She was highly frustrated at first, but I think by now that she is enjoying it, and using it to its potential! (She is over 50!)