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    verizon -misleading / bait & switch ?????


      I have an issue with verizon ---  I signed a two yr. wireless agreement in nov. '07. Since nov.'09 , I have been on a month to month payment plan with the same phone I purchased in '07.   My homepage stated I was eligible for a "new every two upgrade PLUS A $50 CREDIT".    I decided to purchase the kintwo ONLINE a few days ago.   With the online discount and the 'new every two' , should I still be getting a $50 credit to my account ????  Verizon says no ---SURRRRPRISE !    They also tell me the online discount IS the 'new every two' discount.      Isn't an "online discount" for buying ONLINE and the 'new every two' for being a two year customer ?  TWO seperate discounts ---right ? 


      I like verizons' coverage , but this **** with promising something and then not delivering is not right.

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          I would call customer service and talk to someone else. First, they are two separate discounts. Second, the Kin Two price doesn't include an online discount. If you look at the feature phones, each phone indicates the amount of the online discount on the right side of the page, and the Kin Two doesn't have one. 


          With your $50 NE2 credit, you should get it for free on a two-year contract.

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            I did receive the new phone a NO cost,  but what happened to the "plus $50 credit" I was promised ??   The way I see it  -- I have $150  in a KINTWO. 


            According to the rep I have been emailing --   I received an online discount --which is the SAME as the NE2 discount.   ??????


            I am not going to call and talk to someone else --- one rep should have the same information as the next.  If they don't --that is not my fault.  I tried to clarify the issue and now I am letting everyone else know about it.

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              The Kin Two is $50 on a two-year contract. So if you received it at no cost, then you got your $50 credit. The credit is toward the phone, not an additional credit toward your bill.

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                So  then I guess I get ******* out of my NE2.    The "plus $50 credit" mentioned NOTHING about being used towards phone purchase only.  A 'credit' is a credit ---right ?   My account should be credited $50.    I must be reading " new every two PLUS A $50 CREDIT" wrong.      ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


                I was promised a ne2  PLUS  a $50 credit.   


                It's not worth it to sign a contract - --- I could have got the same deal -or better if I was a new customer.



                I'll say it again --- MISLEADING , VERY MISLEADING.   


                I'll file a complaint with the proper state and federal agencies and continue to use the internet to let others know of my experience.





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                  Before you start jumping to conclusions, where did it specifically say that the $50 credit you are entitled to should go towards your bill? 


                  In looking at my upgrade status, mine says that I am eligible for an upgrade at discounted pricing with a 30 dollar credit.  No where does it say that it can be used for a 30 dollar bill credit.  If you had read your terms and conditions of your last contract you signed, you would know that you were eligible for a 50 dollar credit towards a new phone when your 20 months were up. 


                  The price of the phone should have shown you the list price, your price with a 2-year contract and then under that it would have shown you your new every two discount you were entitled to and the price of the phone would have read free or 0.00.


                  If you chose not to pay attention to your contract or what your computer screen showed, us here on this forum can't help you.