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    Am I eligible for an early upgrade?


      I bought a Droid Eris some time last year.  It was right before the Droid X came out.  I have 9 months left until I can upgrade, so I am wondering if I can upgrade early.  Ever since the 2.1 Android OS update, my Eris has been messing up horribly.  It freezes up randomly, my alarms go off for no reason at all.  When I do want the alarm to ring, sometimes it doesn't.  It's getting really frustrating to use, and I'd hate to have to wait 9 more months to get a new one.  So, am I eligible for an early upgrade? I know there was an offer for an Early upgrade for a Droid X.

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          Does one of these apply to you? 1) Primary line on a Family Share plan? 2) On an Individual plan with a calling plan (the Talk or Talk & Text portion of your bill, no features/add-ons included) valued at $49.99 or higher?  If so, you are eligible for an Annual Upgrade at exactly 12 months into your contract.  You will have to use this upgrade directly with Verizon Wireless, either on this site or over the phone, and you will not be able to use your New Every 2 credit.  You may have to pay a $20 processing fee, and you will sign a new 2-year contract.


          If you are a secondary line, or on an Individual calling plan valued at less than $49.99, you won't be eligible for an upgrade until month 20 of your 2-year contract.  If you are on a Family Plan, and another line is eligible for an upgrade, you can use their upgrade as long as they agree to having their contract extended for 2 years.