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    How to get an early upgrade?


      On our 4 line account, we already have one line that is ready for an upgrade, but we'd like to also upgrade a 2nd line for Christmas.


      2 of the lines are eligible in March.  One of those was a 1 year contract from last May.  The other was a 2 year contract from 2009.


      Is there any way to get either of those lines' upgrade date moved to this December so that we can upgrade to an Android phone?


      I have called and they told me no, but I am hoping that there is a way to get around that...

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          I have 1 phone up for early renewal now but when I tried to make a purchase from best buy for a phone they are saying that the upgrade is not up until march. Is there any way that we could make the account show that I am up for renewal now on their system

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            taxandspend, is the line that is currently eligible your primary line?  If not, your primary line may be eligible for an annual upgrade, which is available on primary lines exactly 12 months after their contract began.  It requires you to forfeit the New Every 2 credit, and sometimes pay a $20 fee, but you can get a phone at a discounted price and take advantage of Buy One Get One offers if you have another line on the Family Plan already eligible to upgrade.  The only catch is that the Annual Upgrade can only be used directly through Verizon, either online or over the phone.


             meschneider76, the last line above answers your question.  An "Annual Upgrade" which it sounds like is what you are eligible for, cannot be used through third-party retailers like Best Buy.  You have to wait until month 20 of your 24 month contract to be able to upgrade through a store.

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              Unfortunately my primary line is the one I wasn't describing because it won't be eligible until after March.


              One simple thing VZW could do is implement a buyback.  Why not let me pay the extra $20/month for the 3 months until my eligibility on a line so that I can get the upgrade in Dec rather than wait until March.  So I pay $60 to move the eligibility to December from March.

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                Call customer care, if you get a reasonable operator, they will try to get you upgraded no matter how far into your contract you are.  I had a line upgraded after only 6 months.  I was unable to get them to upgrade one after one month.  Hope this helps.

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                  Thanks.  So there's hope.  I called and was told they cannot do it.  I asked if a manager could do it, and they said that in order to set an upgrade date 1 month earlier requires a manager anyway, and that they'd never move March to December.


                  I guess I'll try again soon.  Thanks.