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      Last night, I did nothing out of the ordinary.

      This morning, I woke up to all my contacts, favorites, and call log history GONE. My Droid Incredible isn't synced to my Gmail account, meaning I unfortunately don't have a backup for my contacts. However, my contacts were connected with Facebook and Twitter. I received a "Facebook authentication" error message but fixed it simply by re-entering my password. Twitter was not working last night, but it is working fine now. All my texts are still on my phone, but with no matching contact, so there's no picture or name to go along with my texts.

      This is all the information I can give. I don't know what happened.

      I don't want to go through all the trouble and time to add contacts all over again if there is a simpler solution. If there's no hope, then it's my last option.

      Anyone know how I can possibly retrieve all my contacts back? Thanks in advance!

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          I had the same problem about an hour ago.  I powered down my phone and turned it back on.  It said that a new software revision was loaded, and all of my contacts NOT synced with my gmail account are gone.  My call history and all of my internet bookmarks are also gone.  ?????

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            I spoke with MANY reps at Verizon, and they put me in touch with HTC.  They told me that OF COURSE a software update is going to wipe the phone.  It also wiped out my custom ringtone, my notification sounds, all of my alarm clock settings, my download history from the Market, and many other things that I don't even know about.  It also wiped out all of the internet bookmarks that CAME WITH THE PHONE.  I was told that the only way to get those back is to put it back to factory defaults, but that, of course, deletes all of the downloaded apps and every other setting in the phone.  Basically, they said that's just what happens when they do a software update and I should be prepared for it.  They can't tell me HOW to be prepared for it.  They know everything will get wiped, but they can't tell me how to back any of it up.  I got the "There's probably an app for that" response.  In the meantime, none of the VZW reps had any idea that a software update could wipe out data on a phone.  Also, nobody from HTC or VZW could explain why the update happened without my initiating it.  After 15+ years with VZW, this might be the end... 

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              That stinks. Sorry to hear about your experience. HTC really didn't help much at all; I hope this doesn't happen to my smartphone anytime soon. Do you sync your contacts with your MyVerizon account?

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                No, I didn't sync my contacts.  That's one of those messages I ignored that I probably shouldn't have.  I did back them up using the Lookout app that they advertised.  With that, I can at least see which contacts were lost, but the restore feature isn't working.  Of course, since it's not a VZW app, "VZW isn't responsible."  Actually, the lost contacts were the least of my concern.  I only lost about 20 since the rest were added as Google contacts and are synced with my Gmail account.  It's all the other things that really bother me.  NOTHING should be lost for a simple software upgrade.  VZW reps today told me there's a 1% chance of it happening.  HTC reps told me it happens every time - which I don't believe since I've had other software updates since I bought the phone.


                Long story short, VZW says it's not their responsiblity.  I asked if they could block the updates that come through THEIR network, and the supervisor said, "Sure.  We can block all data."  So their solution for blocking software updates is to block all data on my unlimited data plan.  Brilliant.  Only 20 months before I can dump VZW...