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    Sony Music Box app and new phone


      My 3 year old son was playing with my phone and downloaded a lot of credits for the Sony Music Box.  I asked for a refund and of course was told no which was fine.
      I just ordered a new phone that should be here tomorrow though so there is no reason for me to download ringtones to a phone I'm not going to be using but I was also told that if I did I wouldn't be able to transfer the ringtones to my new phone and I also wouldn't be able to transfer the Sony Music Box and credits to my new phone either.  The person I talked to said the Media Retrieval was only for people who got a pre owned device through the insurance and since I'm renewing my contract and getting a new phone I would have to repurchase them if I wanted it.
      Is there nothing I can do with these credits? They weren't cheap and its irritating to think that I just paid $30 for ringtones that I can't use.

      Does anyone know if I download the Sony Music Box on the new phone ifl the credits will show up there since it is the same number or is it all phone specific?

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          Customers who upgrade or switched to a new Get IT Now / Media Center capable device can transfer available applications and ringtone content at normal purchase price. All applications and ringtone content is preselected for retrieval. You can select and unselect any content that you want to retrieve.You also have the option of opting out of retrieving any content and applications. Upon accepting, you will not be able to retrieve any of the existing games, applications and VZWTone Ringtones that were available on your last device.

          Here is a link for additional information http://support.vzw.com/how_to_use/MyMedia_Retrieval.html

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             My phone is a new phone so in order to get anything again I have to buy it again and the credits I have for the Sony Music Box are worthless unless I want to download them and pay more data charges and have new ringtones for 3 days? There is no point in that.


            They were all purchased by accident to begin with so I'm out the money for them.

            That policy sucks. If someone pays for something then they should be allowed to use it as long as they are customer or at least get a refund.