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    Incoming & outgoing calls


      Where can I see my incoming & outgoing calls online? Also where can I actually view a detailed bill? I haven't seen a detailed bill in years! I see online under my verizon my usage, but can't view incoming & outgoing calls! I see where it has to sign up for paperless billing & when I go to that it tells me it is forbidden. I am paperless now, but I guess I just don't receive a detailed bill in any way!

      Thanks for your help in advance!

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          You need to be registered as the account owner to see billing details and usage details. If this is an individual account, and the info is not there, call customer service and they can rectify that.

          If you are a secondary line on a family plan, you will need to be logged in as the primary/account owner to see the details. Again, if you are the account owner and not seeing this, then a call to customer service should clear things up.