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    Setup for Hot Spot


      Droid X with Mobile HotSpot service.  I need a review of the setup procedure.  Attempted to setup the laptop (Windoze XP Pro), and it only had WEP and WPA options in the Wizard, not WPA2.  Do I use the DROID SSID?  The Wizard placed severe limitations on the size of the password.  Setting up the DROID hotspot  for WPA2, just asked for a password, no limitations on format.


      I think I'm getting a bit  of mixed signals.   Just what is the sequence of setup steps?


      Thanx for the help.



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          You need an optional update for XP from the Windows update site and it will give you wpa2

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            Thanx.  That will take care of the WPA2 issue.  Is there a special format to the password?


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              I haven't used the hotspot for the Droid X, but it should handle just like most traditional encryptions.  You set a pass-key on your broadcasting end, then input the pass-key on the device you want to connect to the hotspot.  If I recall correctly WPA2 also allows you to use a passphrase, usually more than 8 characters long and could be any combination or letters symbols or words.


              Ie: I8Ho7dogS  or you could be really fancy with it and go 20+ characters with symbols and such.

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                Finally got the laptop to find the Droid.  interesting, WPA2 will allow any format passphrase.  WEP and WPA require a specific format.


                Thanx again, for the help.


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                  Glad I could help.  That is what I like about WPA2, you can use pass phrases.  This can make your Wireless security stronger as well as make it easier for you to remember your pass.


                  Keep a track on your data usage while you are using hotspot so that you don't get hit with a $20 per Gb overage unexpectedly.