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    I want to receive collect calls on my prepaid phone...Is this possible?


      I've already spoken with a Verizon rep. on the phone and while she was friendly, she wasn't much help.  At the same time, the person that set up my prepaid phone at the Verizon store was pleasant but didn't seem to communicate to me the answers I was asking.  Since I have a prepaid phone, with 450 minutes (it is probably around 415 at this point), regardless, I was wondering if there was a way to NOT have to purchase a card from either a Wal-Mart or Target (which is what the phone rep. recommended I do - what is the point of that given I have already paid for my minutes?)  It's very late/early if you will and I'm extremely exhausted so I apologize for not being so savvy on any of this.  I just don't see why I should have to pay for a calling card when I already have paid for minutes on my PREPAID phone.  In my mind, I should be able to set up my prepaid phone account where I will be able to do what I want as long as they fall in the aforementioned prepaid guidelines.  I was hoping to get some help on the phone with the rep. but it looks as though I will have to go into the Verizon store (which is not a problem; I'm not lazy but you would think they would be able to help you over the phone).  Have any of you had a similar situation?  And if so, how did you remedy it?  I shouldn't have to go through all this when I've already prepaid for minutes that I would assume, would be used under my discretion.


      Thank you for any help any of you can provide!