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    Song In Latest "Breakaway" Commercial???


      I know this question has little (to absolutely nothing) to do with anything tech support-related, but a lot of people (including me of course), are curious to know the name of that unique song playing in the latest "Breakaway" commercial for the Fall 2010 ad campaign???


      Is it an actual song by a commercial/indie artist, or was it made (personally) by a 3rd party sound studio?


      Here's a video directly from Verizon's Youtube of the exact commercial:





      Thanks in advance!


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          Hey mods, we really would like to know what this song is. You have a large number of paying customers and potential customers (looking to migrate my family's four lines from AT&T) that are looking all over the internet to find this out. The comments on your Youtube page regarding the commercial in question are predominantly inquiring about the song you use. I know it's a relatively small matter, but it would make a lot of people happy if you would let your customers know what we're listening to. Not to mention the aggregate customer service that would help potential customers cut the AT&T/iPhone cord. Thanks for your attention.



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            We’ve reached out to our marketing team and found that the song playing is actually a custom piece composed specifically for the commercial.  Thanks for your inquiries and we’re glad you enjoyed the tunes.