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    "Low on Space"


      I just had a recent update on my driod incredible and since then I have had the message "Low on Space." I cannot get rid of this no matter what I do, and I know I have plenty of space on my phone available. Also, my gmail has stopped working and I cannot download applications. Is anyone having similar problems? Suggestions? Thanks!

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          It appears that you might have to do a factory reset. Sorry. It's a pain, especially putting back all your contacts and the apps that you've been using. I feel your pain since I had to do a factory reset as well. Backup gave me most of my contacts, but I still had to put some in one at a time. Most of my apps came back, but again, I had to find and download several that didn't return. And yes, I had to pay again for most of them, some of them I did not.

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            clear your caches, in the settings go through your apps and clear cache, mostly facebook causes the problem, you do NOT need to do a reset