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    Dead Phone won't charge from computer


      I have a Nokia Twist, and right now it is sitting on the desk next to my computer with a dead battery.  I have previously charge my phone from the computer, connecting it to the USB port, but at that point the phone was on and in sync mode.  I tried plugging my dead phone into the computer, and for about 10-15 minutes it showed the charging screen on the phone.  The Found New Device thing popped up, I ran it just in case, it didn't find anything, but I didn't worry about it.  Then my phone all of a sudden stopped charging, and now no matter what I do, my phone will not start charging from my computer.  Apparently enough charge was not imparted on my phone, because it still will not turn on.  Any suggestions as to what I can do to get my phone to start charging again?  Thanks.