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    Viewing my Call Details!


      For the past three nights I have gotten onto Verizons website to try and figure out how to view my call details meaning how to see numbers that I have called and numbers that have called me.  Through the help features I figured out how to view the Usage details and from there there should be another tab to view the call details except when I go to the usage details there is no tab to go any farther.  So I cannot figure out how to view this because I don't have the option to anywhere on my account and I am the account holder.  I have seen places it says you have to be the person financially responsible for the account to do certain things and when I registered I thought that let them know I am the person responsible for this account.  HELP!@!  This is not the easiest website to try and view things in.  I hope someone can help me.  TXS

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          You would have to be signed at My Verizon as the account holder to see the billing detail. If you are signed in as the account holder, in the My Verizon you will click on Account> Click Bill> once the screen loads in the middle of the page click Usage details. Once those steps are completed, the detail will display on the page to see the calls made to and from the phones. If you are not able to follow those steps, that would mean you are not signed in as the account holder.

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            When I click on Usage details, it brings me to a screen that looks like the picture below (if all you see is an "X", have patience, images need to be approved by the moderators before they will show up, and it will be there soon)  - under the # details is blue type that says "View Call Details" - when I click that it brings up the call history for the current billing period.


            To see previous months details, I click on View bill - choose the month I want to see from the drop down list, and I can view details from there.



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              Hi SuzyQ,


              I was hoping you would be the one to answer my post so thank you for that.  I understand exactly what you are saying.  I have 5 different lines with Verizon but when i go to MYVerizon and sign in I have to use my home number then when I go to Verizon Wireless I have to use my wireless number here is the confusion under the wireless I don't think it has me as the account owner because being registered with the home number so I went looking for a place to register all phone numbers and I can't find that.  So when I go in Verizon wireless it only shows me the usage details and there is no tab to view the call details.  Do you see what I am saying?  I know I may have explained it wrong or confused you.  Then I went looking for a place called the Account Manager to make sure I was registered as the account manager and now I can't find that.  I am very frustrated with this VeriZon website.  I guess my question is how do I make sure the Wireless part knows I am the account manager?  TXS

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                Have you registered each of the phone numbers on the account with a Verizonwireless MyVerizon account? When you get your bill, does it tell you which phone number is considered the "primary" - the one with the bulk of the cost for the account? Register THAT number (regardless of who it belongs to) and then you should be able to set YOUR number as the account manager.

                Possibly a call to customer service will accomplish this much more easily than trying to go through the website....