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    ringback tones


      we are on a family plan and i am not the #1 on the account so me and my mom who is the number 1 bought tones i made sure i was on my number when  i bought my tone but when i go into manage on my number all of her tones show up

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          Did you log in (register) YOUR number? Or simply choose your number from the drop down when you were logged in with your Mom's number?

          In order to manager ringback tones for YOUR number, you need to register it separately, with your own log in username and password. It will be recognized as a secondary account, but you will be able to manage your own ringback tones, backup assistant, etc.
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            In addition to the information SuzQ has provided, here is a link for additional information. Click here https://myaccount.verizonwireless.com/accessmanager/public/roleinfo.jsp

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              I am the account owner for my family plan and would like to be able to have access to manage the ringtones and ringback tones on the other lines like i could a month ago. The site seems to chage daily now and does get quite annoying at times. If I buy a ringback tone or ringtone for another number on my account I should have access to manage it as well.

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                Hi Cataclysm - I see you have been posting around the forums and claiming to be Customer Care person...so you should know the answer to this one....but for the sake of others and to clarify things, let me address this.

                Ringtones are sent and managed on each device. There never has been a way to manage these online except for purchase or download. And while ringback tones ARE managed online, you have to be logged in with the specific device you want to manage for. It was that way a month ago, and has been for as long as ringback tones have been available.

                If you have access to purchase a ringback for another line on the account, it means you would have had to be logged in with that number to purchase, and you would have to log in with that number to manage as well. If you buy a ringtone for a number, it is sent to that device, and is manageable ON THE DEVICE.

                Hope that all makes sense....