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    2 Numbers - 1 Phone ?

      Is it possible to have 2 phone numbers and 1 physical phone?

      I have my old number/blackberry 8130 with phone number 111-111-1111 and a new number/blackberry 8130 with phone number 222-222-2222 supplied by my company. I only need one, but would like to also keep my old 111-111-1111 phone number that everyone knows.

      Is there something I can do or ask a cust service rep to do to to support that? I would likely only call out from the new 222 number, but would like the 111 number to also ring the same phone.

      I don't want to pay full price to keep 111 and the phone and forward the number to 222, which I think I can do. I just figure there's something that can be done for much less cost to say 111 = 222 on inbound calls. It's all just software in the end.
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          there are some phoes that i know will allow this but they are gsm. i know blackberrys dont suport it
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            I can look at it being the phone supporting it or the Verizon network supporting it. if the phone number exists in their network as nothing more then a pointer to my phone or other number (networking forwarding), I don't think the phone needs to know.
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              sorry i was thinking of the dual sim gsm phones.  A  phone would have to be dual nam capable but im not 100% sure if it would have to come from the manufacturer this way or programed from vzw
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                Yes you can have 2 numbers on 1 cellphone using a service called "Proxycomm".

                It works with your existing phone service: AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile.   Check out the information further at their website.

                Features includes:

                - have 2 or more numbers on your existing cell phone or landline, each with its own voicemail.   Get 1-800 numbers or numbers with any area code you want, regardless of where you live.
                - get new features like call screening and call recording, have calls ring on multiple phones at once, advanced voicemail.
                - unlimited national calling, wholesale international rates, no new contracts, no special equipment, and no credit checks required.
                - use your existing cell phones and service, your landlines - even your computer for this service.
                - Transfer a live call from one phone to another.


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                  Im pretty sure that this can't be done with blackberry's. For a more detailed answer you should e-mail verizon. Their e-mail customer service is way better than actually calling them usually. 
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                    Elsewhere I've received suggestions such as port to a VOIP and forward from there. I was just looking at ProxyComm and can't seem to find a way to order it. Their main site seems to target becomming a distributor and I haven't found a working distributor site. What am I missing?

                    What I'm looking to do is not different then almost any VOIP provides which is for $5 or so a month, add a 2nd number to an existing line. There's no hard cost for doing this. If I was VOIP vs FIOS phone I could have done it all already by porting my number to an existing line and forwarding that number - $5/mo.
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                      Proxycomm will work with BB's and they use a VOIP system.   However, this program won't work for you upon my taking a second look because you need to use the phone numbers they provide.    You are wanting to use your own numbers which are indeed unique.   If I find another program that meets your precise needs I'll post back.   However, for right now I don't know of one that will accommodate those numbers that you have.


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                        I think you are referring to having a phone be dual NAM capable.  You were able to have a phone be dual NAM capable on the old old and did i say old digital calling plans that verizon had about 10 years ago.  Ultimately it only worked with analog networks and with the old calling plans that you still got charged for roaming charges.  For example if you wanted to use one # you would go into your phone and switch it to NAM 1 and if you wanted to use the other # you would go into the phone and switch it to NAM 2.  Most people only used this option though if they had two different #'s with two different area codes so if they traveled back and forth from new york( NAM 1)  to California( NAM 2)  they would change it back and forth from NAM 1&2 depending on what location they were in.  But not anymore because of the whole digital era...  Hope this helps out...:smileywink:
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                          Ah yes I remember those days!   You may very well be right.   I personally have not used Proxycom so I have no idea how they are supposedly pulling this off.    I do see they are using a VOIP system and they may have found a workaround from the traditional dual NAM limitations of the new digital architecture.   Hopefully, somebody will decide to take the plunge and try it and report back "if" or how well it works.




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