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    $30.00 prepaid card


      How many minutes do you get for $30.00?  What about text messages?

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          It would depend on which plan you use. The Basic Plan would be 25 cents per minute and 20 cents to send a text and 20 cents to receive a text. On the Core Plan which is the one I use it would be 99 cents on each day that you use the phone for verizon to verizon and an extra 10 cents a miute to anyone who is not on verizon,  and 10 cents to send a message and 20 cents to receive a  message. The They also have a $1.99 plan and a $ 3.99  with lower text messages. You can also buy a text package plan $10.00 per month and verizon to veriizon texts are unlimited, and you get 250 texts for other carriers, for $20.00  per month you can get a unlimited texting to all carriers.  You can find all the information under the support spot above with the plans listed for pre paid cells.

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            Please see Prepaid Plans for additional information.