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    Phone will not reboot


      Yesterday my phone froze up and I pulled the battery out and reinserted it. Now it is booting in an endless loop with the samsung logo and goes no farther then that. What should I do to restore my phone? I am away at college now so going to a VZW Store is not very practical.

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          Try these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

          Try removing the battery for about 2 minutes, then putting it back in and powering the phone back on. 

          If the problems persists.  

          Try these steps: 

          *Warning - all data on the phone maybe lost!*


          Turn off the phone Press Power + Volume Up/Down at the same time and hold until display will show a triage android screen

          Display will show: 

          Reboot system Now  (Try the reboot first.) 
          Apply sdcard:update.zip 
          *Warning this will reset device back to original factory settings.*

          Wipe Data/Factory Reset (Try as a last resort)
          Wipe Cache Partition

          Use VOL Down key to scroll down to "Wipe Data/Factory Reset", press home icon to select option and wipe device.  



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            The issue persists. Would a store be able to restore my phone?

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              That would depend on the problems with the device.  If the device does not go past the first screen when the phone boots up, a replacement device may be required.  Since you are still having the same issue you may want to have a technician take a look at the device. The assessment of the device  by a technician would determine if the phone could be restored.

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                hey i know this isn't the same topic...but I can't find a forum for it...my samsung rogue keeps freezing everytime i get on to the internet? I have to take the battery out and put it back in to unfreeze the phone...any ideas?

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                  First try these steps:


                  From the Home Screen, Touch MENU, Media Center, and  Browser.
                  The VZW Home portal is launched and a pop up screen
                  with available applications displayed.
                  Press the menu key for settings and delete  the cache(cookies and temporary files).

                  Then power the phone off, remove the battery for about 1 minute, then power the phone back on and dial *228 send and option 1 on the device.

                  If the problem persist a Factory Reset  maybe necessary.


                  Warning: A Factory Reset will  permanently erase all user data & reset settings to factory defaults.

                  Reset Factory Settings & Tools

                  From the main screen, press
                  Settings & Tools.
                  Phone Settings.
                  Enter Phone Lock Code ???? displays.
                  Enter the
                  4 digit lock code, press Done.
                  ( default: last 4 digits of phone number ).
                  Scroll to
                  Restore Phone, press OK.
                  Display: Permanently erase all user data & reset settings to factory defaults?

                  Device will power cycle Off and on. Device will need to be reprogrammed by doing *228