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    Cracked screen


      I just cracked the screen of my phone after a drop of about 3 feet.  It was in a protective case that I bought from Verizon when I bought the phone.  Amazingly, the phone still works perfectly. I took it into the Verizon store and because I did not have the insurance, I was given two options.  1) get a new plan for about $30 a month x 24 months or $720 or buy a new phone retail for $599.  A third Option of course, that they won't tell you is to buy a screen for about $42 and fix it yourself.  If your phone still works, but  your screen is cracked, you may not want to go this route because this will INVALIDATE YOUR WARRANTY.  My guess is that most people wouldn't care about the warranty but they should at least tell you this is an option rather than trying to sell you a new plan or phone.  I will opt for a 4th option which is to have someone else do the replacement for me and pay them roughly $110 plus shipping and handling, plus the activation charges.  Still better than $599. Hello Verizon?  Anyone there? I called the Verizon 800 number for warranty and repairs:  Their suggestion was to send them the phone and they would look at it and send me a letter telling me what they could do and what it would cost: turnaround time 2 weeks.