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    Email Problems on Droid

      1) I receive emails to my Windows Mail account fine and to my Verizon Wireless email program fine.

      However, when I send emails through Windows Mail or from my Verizon wireless using my Verizon email accounts (partnered with Yahoo) there are usually long delays off and and on, up to 6 hours. Tech Support has escalated the trouble ticket to Yahoo external services, but this has been going on for almost a week. They wanted to say it was in my Windows Mail program, but that would not explain the same problem in my WIreless account.

      The only way I have no problems sending emails is by sending them through the Verizon Yahoo web page.

      Does anyone have an understanding of this weird technical problem, since Verizon shows no server problems anywhere affecting my service area?


      2) Sometimes my uploading and downloading emails on the Droid seem to freeze and the 3G arrow lights go off. The only way the email gets going again is by turning the phone off and on. Tech Support finds no delivery problems in my area, and thinks it might be the software which could lead to an exchange of phones. However, I have had the phone for 6 months and never experienced this freezing problem.



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          The problem has been resolved as of today, though I don't know for how long. I have not heard from Verizon or Yahoo which one would expect.........

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            I made a mistake. Unfortunately the SEC OND problem has not been resolved: the lights of the 3G go off and I have to turn off the phone and turn it on again to get the lights on again and the downloading and uploading of email going. This does not seem to affect Gmail emails. So far Verizon Wireless does not find a problem, and things it could be a software problem. This happens a couple of times a day, usually early morning and late at night.