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    Casio Brigade Updates


      I just updated the software on my casio brigade. Does anyone know what chages are made with these updates or know where i can find that information?


      I am just curious about why the updates are there and what is being changed with the software.



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          Model: C741 (GZ One Brigade)
          New Software Version: C741M060
          Symptoms Resolved:

          • Cannot send contacts from GZ1 C741 to LG HBM-570 via Bluetooth
          • Contact pictures moving to other contacts
          • When the flip is closed, pressing center select key to view time will display random characters
          • If a user receives a message while composing a message, the recipient of that message is changed to the person who sent the message
          • When the device is locked, long press of 9 or 91 will not activate speed dials
          • Device power cycles when sending an SMS from Favorites
          • If calling a voice response system, the DTMF keys are not processed when pressed the first time
          • When using the Weekly view to view appointments, only the starting day of multiple day appoints are shown
          • When replying to an MMS, the subject line is empty
          • Alarms are not sounding
          • Call time not displayed in Call Logs
          • During OTSA programming, "Please listen for instructions" is not displayed
          • Settings & Tools > Display, no option for Backlight Always On
          • If an SMS message cannot be display, sent complete icon is still displayed
          • Cannot play video attached to an MMS
          • VZNavigator resets device after launch
          • Device resets when End is pressed when View Now is displayed after a message is received
          • Sending or browsing messages in the Sent box can cause device resets
          • Display slows as SMS and MMS accumulate on the device
          • Device resets when center select button is pressed on Record New screen in My Sound
          • Improved speakerphone audio
          • Preloaded Backup Assistant
          • USB driver supports Windows 7

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            thanks. i didnt realize this phone had that many problems. i have experienced a few. i am glad that this phone is continually being improved.

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              Unfortunately this upgrade caused static to be introduced during any bluetooth connections (have tried multiple devices) and the beeping reminder that doesn't stop is still there.


              Anyone know when 060 will be upgraded as what we currently have is unusable in a vehicle in Maryland where yo MUST use a hands free device...u

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                I had the static in the bluetooth as you stated...I ened up getting another Brigade, bu then I started having the reboot issues, but it seems there is a software update for the Phone now....do I need to visit my store to to get the software patch?





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                  Im having problems with the phone crashing and restarting every time I try to move in upper left on the directional pad when the phone is open and adding more than one person to receive a text message.

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                    Here are the steps to checking your current software and to verify if update is available to be downloaded to your phone.



                    From the main screen, press Menu.
                    Scroll to Settings & Tools, press OK
                    Scroll to Phone Info, press OK.
                    Scroll to Software Update, press OK
                    Select Status or Check New, press OK
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                      Where do I go to be able to buy a USB cable for my phone? None of the dealers seem to have or know where i can get one. Also, what do I do to be able to do a software update on my phone? PLZZZZZZZZZ Help..

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                        cashmoney67 wrote:

                        Where do I go to be able to buy a USB cable for my phone? None of the dealers seem to have or know where i can get one. Also, what do I do to be able to do a software update on my phone? PLZZZZZZZZZ Help..

                        The software update will come to your phone Over the Air. You can check your phone to see if there is a software update available for you. Here are the steps to check for software updates below.

                        From the main screen, press Menu. 
                        Scroll to Settings & Tools, press OK
                        Scroll to Phone Info, press OK. 
                        Scroll to Software Update, press OK
                        Select Status or Check New, press OK


                        For additional information on software updates you can view page 164 of the user manual. Click here to view http://cache.vzw.com/multimedia/mim/casio_brigade/brigade_eng.pdf

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                           After you updated you brigade software how did it do? Just curious.