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    Blocking Numbers


      Hi All -- If I add a phone number to my blocked numbers list in Verizon Wireless, what message will they hear if they try to call my cell phone?  And, what message will they get, if they try to send a text message (or will they just get nothing and they'll think it just went through OK)?

      And, will the phone/text return messages be different depending on whether the number is a different cell phone provider versus another Verizon number?


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          Blocked individuals who call a Verizon Wireless customer will hear the message: "Welcome to Verizon Wireless. The number you were trying to reach has calling restrictions which has prevented the completion of your call.".  As of April 15, 2010, only incoming calls and incoming text/picture/video messages will be blocked. Message block will not stop outgoing messages. Customers who set up blocks will receive no notification that a blocked number attempted to contact them, except for MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) where they see the subject line. The blocked sender will not receive any type of notification.

          You can put in up to 5 numbers and the block lasts 90 days. After 90 days, you have to re-enter the phone number. There is no cost to this option. To set up Call & Messaging blocking please sign into your My Verizon account.


          For additional information please see BLOCKS.

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            I blocked a number & yet I still receive text messages from the blocked number... I get the choice of downloading or rejecting the message. What is the purpose of blocking a number when I still have to do something with the text message?  TY

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              Download the free app Call Block and start adding numbers. This app does as it indicates.