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    Data charge for 7770000001


      We are being charged one peak minute for data for the number 7770000001. I thought originally it was because we were sending text messages to email accounts so we stopped doing that but I still see one minute being charged to that number. We have unlimited Verizon to Verizon texting and 500 messages that no one on our plan has exceeded, so I was wondering if I could get some insight to this. Thanks.

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          If you call customer service they can tell you what it is.  If you have a data block on the phones even if you accidentally hit the button you are charged the $1.99 minimum each time you accidentally hit it just because it's trying to connect even though it can't all the way.    Mary

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            It will not be each time you hit the key. the $1.99 will be charged per mb used (rounded up. So you could hit the button hundreds of times, and as long as the data transmitted was small enough only recieve 1 charge of $1.99... now as for OP, sounds like they are on an old plan that billed data as minutes of use, anytime they connect it will use a minute.
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              My bad I meant you will be charged the minimum amount of $1.99.  Mary

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                Do you know what your plan is called? I know VZW used to support plans called America's Choice where if any kind of data done (i.e. internet, email, downloads, accessing media store from phone, etc) it was translated in terms of "data minutes" since America's Choice plans didn't bill data as we bill it now, being $1.99/MB. Usually the number being 'called" when using data minutes is not a real number as it's just a translation of data used. If you haven't exceeded your minutes, since that "data minute" would have been deducted from the minutes given by your plan, you shouldn't have actually been charged anything. It does mean, however, that the phone is accessing some type of data. It may warrant an investigation on the part of VZW Customer Service if you have blocks on data.