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    3G Mobile HotSpot Data Usage


      So I found myself with a laptop and no secure internet service while vacationing in Florida. I decided to find out what my phone can do, and added the 3G Mobile HotSpot (3G MHS) feature to my plan. For $20 a month I jumped on it. I look at my bill 2 weeks later and find a $86 charge under data usage. I understand the 3G MHS feature allows 2GB of data usage a month then an additional charge for every MB; however my data usage only shows usage of .521 GB.


      The shown data usage of .521 GB may be the data used under my unlimited data feature. If this is the case, then why not warn or display an overage charge occurring before you bill a crazy charge for data. Also if the 3G MHS is separate from the regular data, then the feature should have some sort of managing area similar to all the other features(i.e. minutes, text, etc..), so one can properly prepare and plan for any overage of data.


      If the .521 GB data shown includes my 3G MHS usage, then why am I being charged $86 for a $20 service?