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    Quicktime for Droid?


      I have a new security system and I need to download Quicktime on my phone. Has anyone downloaded Quicktime on their Droid and how do I do it?



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          Isn't Quicktime a program from the Apple base?  When I did a search of the Market, I came up empty handed.

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            What is that for? for videos? If its for videos you can download the rock player and it will play most video formats. What is this for? home security? if so, just use ustream and ustreamviewer, totally free and you can see whats going on in your house. Theres even apps to remotely control your home computer.
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              Thanks for the help. I have downloaded ustream but do not see the apps for controlling the camera or the computer. Sorry but I am new to this thing and old. Any further help would be appreciated.


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                the ustream app is nice, you cant control the cameras tho :smileysad: heres how it works. Get a free account at ustream.com (its kinda like youtube) Using your computer create a channel.(downside is that I think everyone can see it) The start broadcasting, using the ustream viewer look for the channel and walla. I had 3 seperate computers running 3 channels. I was able to get one laptop to run 2 channels at a time with two web cams connected but you will need one with a fast processor. I hope this helps.