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    Backup Assistance


      Hello, I need to figure out how to change the number you are managing with the online portal of Backup Assistance. What I mean by this is having multiple phones under the same account and backing up numbers from all of the phone(4 in my case). I can't seem to manage any numbers other than the main number on the account.

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          Each number must have its own account in order to manage Backup Assistant and media downloads.  You can simply create a log in for each number the same way you created the primary login for yours.  Those logins will then have access to manage that particular number's BA contacts, media downloads, and view their own usage.  Only your primary number will be able to view the usage for all numbers, make changes to the account and pay the bill unless you designate one of the other numbers as account managers and specifically give them those capabilities by calling into CS.

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            THANK YOU. Will contact you if i have trouble creating a log in for each person. thanks again.