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    Can I recieve collect calls from prisons on my Cell Phone?

      What I really want to do, is port over an existing land line # that I currently get collect calls from prison on. (of which I am set up for a prepaid account through GTL, the collect call company of the prisons) If this # became my cell #, would I still be able to reieve the collect calls or does Verizon allow this? Right now, if I have it forwarded to my cell # I can accept the call through my cell/Verizon, but the billing is through GTL, and the land line company (no fee because it's a local exchange), only thing that shows up on Verizon/Cell bill is air time used for an incoming call. If this can occur I'd just like to get rid of this extra bill, since I really only need my cell phone now. Any insight you have please share with me. Thank you so much!!! 
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          Only way to get those collect calls is the way you have it set up now with call forwarding. Verizon doesn't allow collect calls on cell phones. Sorry :smileysad:
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            Oh, well that's not what I was hoping for!  But may I ask you how you know this for sure? And do you think there is any chance of that changing any time soon. I keep having people tell me that you can get collect calls on cell phones now, that you just have to call and have it set up on your account. Do you know what cell phone carriers are providing this service? Thanks for your input!!!! 
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              I believe you are looking for this, however as you will note on the right . . . not on Verizon:





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                I spoke with GTL, Global Tel Link (they are the company that all prison collect calls go through...at least in Ohio) GTL's states they have a contract with Verizon, that Verizon agrees to the collect calls if "prepayed only" through this GTL company; this insures Verizon will not be loosing money. Your cost on the Verizon/cell end it just air time. 


                The 800 call 4 less,  can't work because they can't make a typical collect call to just anyone like you can out here from any land line. Inmates only can have so many #'s and the people they want to call have to agree to want these calls. Then there is a process that it goes through, all billing, blocking etc...is all through the GTL company. It is a monopoly prices can range from  $1- $26 for a 15-20 minute call. Crazy! Depends on a lot of things, primarily if your in a local exchange or not. So there is a connection cost, and then so much per minute. 


                So if anyone else out there is in this situation of having a loved one in prison, and it's vast numbers, considering 1 in 100 people in the U.S.A. Are in prison. The collect calls is highway robbery, for the loved ones out here that just want to stay connected, they didn't do anything wrong; they just still love their family/friends/spouses etc... (The entire prison system is corrupt..But most things are in our world right now) But back to the purpose of this...


                Here is the info for GTL Phone # 800-231-0193, to discuss setting up a prepaid account & to make payments (Will get 20% off as opposed to not prepaying) Once you speak with them you will have to fax them a copy of your cell phone bill, circle your name, billing address, phone #, and fax it to GTL at 866-441-7285. Don't forget your loved one/ the inmate, has to program your number in and you have to accept the call stating you agree to pay these calls, once your is # approved and your prepaid, you can start receiving calls.) 

                If you have problems their customer service # is 877-650-4249.


                FYI: when doing prepay, you must call in and make a payment by phone, or mail a payment in by the bill you get in the mail, you can not make a payment on line (for what ever reason, it will not go on as "prepay" with the discount)


                The GTL person, told me the computer will recognize the approved, prepaid number and it really has nothing to do with Verizon, that it once the collect call computer system recognizes your # and the fact that it is prepaid, it is put on through to your cell # and really Verizon is not the wiser to it being a call any different from a normal incoming call. But he ensured me they do have a contract with Verizon agreeing to this. Also,  you have to agree with GTL though that they are not responsible for dropped calls and will not refund you for any dropped calls. This sounds reasonable to me, GTL can't control how good of a connection you have, and the Cell phone providers can't even do that  and they own the towers. lol 

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                  That's great!  There was a way for you to remain with your existing company GTL and get those collect calls on your Verizon phone after all.   Glad you resolved this issue.   I do 100% agree with you about the prison system being corrupt.   I worked in the New York and California prison systems for a total of 28 years and you have no idea just how corrupt they are!

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                    Thank you! And Trust me after, 5 yrs of this, we have had an eye opening experience...we could write a book! It's like everyplace else in life there are good people and there are bad people! On both ends, the inmates, and the Corrections officers, along with family members and other staff members. It's sad that so much money is being made through the heartache of other humans. Prisons are just one example through phone calls (monopolized) food boxes (monopolized) Vending (Monopolized)...plus money given to state from government for each inmate # they get! Tax payers dollars at waste to house mostly non violent 1st time offenders for drug charges, lack of child support, dui's etc..Seems there would be a better solution. Oh I know..Like "Rehabilitation and Correction", as their name implies...what's in a name doesn't mean a thing! lol With all the "big profits" who wants people to stop the committing of crimes, or stop the so called drug war! Others profiting are the police departments, the attorneys, the judicial system as a whole. 

                    I can only imagine your stories! I hope you have healed from all you have witnessed! 

                    Well I'll get off my soap box! Once I make the transition of this main issue I wrote about, I'll write and let you know if it transposed as I was told or not!!!  

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                      TTI has just launched a new version of their collect 2 cell phone service. Its called 3 G Collect and you can now receive collect calls on your cell phone. {removed third party service link} Hope this helps.


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                        There's another (non-pre-paid) way to receive collect calls to a Verizon Wireless phone.  If the  (Inmate, payphone, Hotel, Roaming Wireless) caller can dial a toll free (a.k.a. 800) number; one can simply dial 1-877-3G-COLLECT or (1-877-342-6553) from any phone, anywhere in the US.  This will access a "post pay" collect platform designed for the wireless industry.  The cost is a flat $12.99 for upto 30 minutes of talk time anywhere in the country.  After the call; you will receive an SMS Test invoice right on your wireless phone along with payment instructions.  You can pay on-line or mail a check; I've used the product myself and it works great.  No hidden fees; no $60 on a credit card in advance; you only pay for the calls you receive and only after the call is completed.  check it our @ www.3GCOLLECT.com

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                          There are independent companies that provide a service to allow collect calls to cell phones. You can Google collect 2 cell, TTI for their contact information

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