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    3G not working?!


      I've had the droid incredible for about a week now and I activated it and programmed it in the store. The guy said my 3G should work whenever I activated the phone and it still has yet to work. I tried turning the phone on and off and resetting it and nothings working. Can someone please help me!

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          Go into settings > wireless & networks. Scroll to the bottom and see if your mobile network is checked on. Unlike the other Android phones, HTC has built in the ability to turn off the mobile network and still have the phone capable of handling voice calls. Hope this helps.
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            what if the mobile network is checked and it still doesn't connect to 3G?

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              Grrr! Okay a bit harder than I expected. Okay, check the mobile networks options... data roaming off, system select is on automatic Now turn the mobile network off. Just to be safe reboot the phone. When it loaded up again go back and turn the mobile network on. Let's see if that helps. There is one more thing I can think of to check if the above doesn't work, but I need to type those instructions up on a computer with my phone beside me so I can run through the steps while I'm typing them.

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                I'm really sorry, that didn't work either. I don't know why it isn't working.

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                  Do you get a 1x connection???? I believe I know the issue, but I will wait for a reply. Also try calling *228 and choose option 1

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                    Are you thinking of something in the *#*#4636#*#* menu? 'Cause I am...
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                      Well, let me try that code first. .........  No. But some of the things I see there is tied to where I am thinking.


                      I had a major issue after Froyo where some of the internal settings did not populate my phone number and because of that I did not have any data or just 1x.



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                        WOW! Even in view mode, THAT is a menu! I'm glad you have knowledge to navigate through that baby. Very useful looking in the right hands.

                        Don't worry. I was just impressed!
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                          Yeah, in M.IP Profile Default  and in Security (Which you have to be in edit mode to find) there are 5 areas where my phone number did not populate over. Once I changed them, I was rocking.


                          There was a tech who helped me to get the phone service working again by pointing out the same issue in two other areas. So I just started poking around and some confirmation of info from AZSULUKI as he has an Inc. I knew what I needed to look for.


                          I PM'd Droid_help stating if they are comfortable going into the dark depths of the phone we could check it out..... So far nothing back.


                          As for knowledge???? I figured what worse could I do. They had shipped a refurbed and I did not want it. I wanted mine to work.

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