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    999999999 incoming number?


      Hi, this is my first inquiry.  I have been monitoring our bills (just switched from ATT to Verizon)..Very sophisticated billing and other things too.  Under call details about once a day there will be a number for the incoming caller of 999999999 (I think is 9 - As, not sure). I cannot find out who they are from but I think they are from my husbands girlfriend...No problem I know about her and he knows I know.  Her number shows up all over the bill, but these are weird.  They are always long long calls too, like maybe 131 miss.  I know they are from her because I have tracked that he was indeed on with her at the same time of the call billing..Please help, I called and talked with support and they say it from a company.  No it isn't...And he doesn't download films or anything like that.  HELP please?  Sally