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    printing from the Droid X


      I have looked at other messages on this topic and my specific question has not been answered.


      I have installed the Printer Share Droid X app, but it seems as though I don't have a printer that's in it's "supported" printers.  I went through their alternative solution, installing Printer Share on my PC, and "sharing" it with my "X".


      But how do I tell the X to print?  I can get a document up, but I get the message that I need to select a printer.  But I can't find where to actually select my printer, or tell it that I'm sharing a printer with my PC.


      Has anyone else solved this problem?  How?





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          For the alternate method, follow these steps:


          PC Client


          1.) Setup an account with Printer Share.  They will assign you a User Number and Password.

          2.) Sign  into the PC Client with your assigned User Number and Password under the User Drop Down Menu.

          3.) If you have signed in successfully, you will see your attached printers is a list called "Local Printers"

          4.) Click on the printer or printers you want to use, then click the Share Button.  Your printer will then show in the list called remote printers.


          On the X:


          1.) Make sure you have the most current version of the Printer App, check Adroid Market.

          2.) Enter the same User Number and Password that was assigned to you by Printer Share.  I believe, you will find the login under "My Profile" when pressing the "Menu" button on the "X" (Left Most Button).

          3.) Once logged in press the menu button again and tap on the "Remote Printers" button.

          4.) You will see your shared printer in the list, select it.

          5.) You can now select printer settings such as drawer, margins and so on.

          6.) You can now print using Printer Share directly, or you can use the "Share" option from other apps to route your document to Printer Share.


          Your assigned User Number is the vital link between your "X" and the PC.  Also the PC must be on and connected to the Internet to be able to print.  Your document is sent from your "X" to Printer Share's server (Cloud), then the server sends it to your PC for Printing.  This can actually take a few minutes to process when you print.  I have never tried to print while the PC is off, so I am not sure what would happen.


          Hope this helps.