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    On-Line Album


      is there any way to enter one of my phone's online albums , I have one but my other phone had downloads sent to it  and now that phone is getting notices that the downloads will be deleted if it isn't opened , now the person that has the problem is not able to get to a computer and would like to save the data so they called me to get on the computer and secure it but sence I own the phone's what can I do to open an account that was created with out a password?  that should keep some one thinking for a while

       I'll Be Back!  W.

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          You will need to register that other mobile number for My Verizon. Each mobile number on the same account has their own user name and password for all of the online sites. So if you register for that mobile number for My Verizon, you will then be able to use that info to sign in to Pix Place.
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             Thanks, kind of thought it went like that, so I got the other party to work off the phone and set up the account for that phone. So they got the "temp'" pass word tryed to use it and were told to log in a new password of their choosing... tried and failed ,

             I'm going there this weekend and see what kind of luck I can have , I'll get back to you... Thanks again...