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    Push Email on X issues


      For the past couple of days, the emails on my 2 AOL accounts are not being "pushed" thru on my X.  My Gmail comes in fine.  I didnt uncheck anything that may have changed up my settings.  I have tried rebooting my phone (power off, and removing the battery) but no luck.


      This was working perfectly fine until two days ago.  I'd rather not use the "fetch" option b/c i would think that this is a drain on the battery.  Any other suggestions?

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          Your problem is very similar to the Hotmail problem. It will work fine and then, all of a sudden it won't. What I did, and it seems to work, at least for me, is go to "My Account" and delete the Hotmail account. Wait a few seconds, than re-install it. Like I said, that method seems to work. It's a pain, but at least you get your Email pushed to you.