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    Not receiving emails


      I am not longer getting my email notifications and they are not coming thru. I can go out to the web and see on yahoo that there are emails, but Droid 2 not pulling in. I've had my phone almost 2 months and my 2 yahoo accounts worked fine, but the last week this started. Yesterday I cut off the phone and took out the battery and this seemed to help until this morning it started again! I tried removing one account and added it back, but this didn't help. Sometimes the messages will pull in if I refresh, but not all the time. Very discouraging.

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          If you are not receiving Email notifications for any of your email accounts, check your email settings to ensure they are not turned off.

          Here is a link with steps:



          To adjust email notification ringtones, follow the instructions below:

          • Open Applications tray
          • Tap on Email application  Image
          • Your Default email account will be displayed.  (this is adjustable in email settings menu)
          • Press Menu hard key, select Email settings:   Image
          • Email settings menu:      Image
          • Touch Notifications to bring up Notifications option menu:               Image
          • Choose if you want your email notifications appearing in the status bar: Yes (Checked) or No (Unchecked)
            • Touch Select ringtone to change the ring tone for your email notifications. (default is Silent).   Image


          • Tap Vibrate to activate vibrate mode when you receive notifications from this email account.


          • Touch Default email account to select account that is displayed when you select the email application.  Image         
            • You can adjust this to a different account at any time.  Image
          • You will need to back out fully from the email application with the "Back" hard key and then re-open the email application to change the mailbox you are viewing. 


          • When you adjust settings for the email application, the settings will apply to all accounts set-up through the application.
            • For example, if you have 2 personal email accounts and a corporate sync account set-up on the handset and turn off Notifications in the settings menu, those changes will apply to all of your email accounts, including the corporate email account.


          If you are not receiving email notifications for only your Corporate Exchange Sync, it is possible you need to upgrade your handset software to the latest Android 2.2 Froyo release for DROID X. Click here for upgrade instructions.

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            Hum... Leslie1, you posted the link for the Android 2.2 Froyo release for DROID X. This is the DROID 2 forum.
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              Sorry for miss type. Options to try if not getting emails:

              Check Incoming server settings. Open applications tray, select My Accounts. Current account will be listed; tap on account having issue. Tap on Incoming server. If Use secure connection is checked, uncheck it. However, if Use secure connection is unchecked when issue occurs, check it on. Save settings with OK button and and close application. Re-open Email application from applications tray, Press Menu hard key and then tap on Refresh. Email should start appearing if corrected.

              If email account set-up does not appear to be occurring, verify your email POP3/IMAP port, server and security requirements for incoming mail.  Retry with Wi-Fi OFF, if already off, retry with Wi-Fi ON. Some email providers and carriers have restrictions on connection through WiFi. Authentication error on incoming or outgoing accounts: Check your account password settings within Incoming server settings for problems with incoming mail, within Outgoing server settings if you can't send email. You could also be using several devices with the same email account and those email settings might be causing new email to be on one device at a time. Check you email settings to make sure you are leaving a copy of the email message on the server. This will ensure that emails go to all your devices accessing the account. Emails will not be deleted (including wastebasket) until they are removed from the server (generally thru computer access).

              If you have setup Outlook or Outlook Express to receive your personal email: Open Outlook; Go to Tools > E-mail Accounts; Select View or change existing e-mail accounts, select Next; Select Change; Select More Settings; Select Advanced; Check "Leave a copy of messages on the server"; Select OK; Select Next from the E-mail Accounts screen; Select Finish. To correct this issue in Outlook Express: Open Outlook Express; Go to Tools > Accounts; Double Click on the email account; Select Advanced; Check "Leave a copy of messages on the server"; Select OK; Select Close. This will allow you to access the same email on both your PC and your cellphone. Previous email went to either one or the other device, depending on pull schedule.

              Application Error: this could be due to service issues, delays with Motorola Application Software aggregation. Retry with Wi-Fi OFF, if already off, retry with Wi-Fi ON. Some email providers and carriers have restrictions on connection through WiFi. If all else is not working, you can use your Gmail email account to pull your email from any email provider into your Gmail account.