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    Phone Swap


      I currently have a Samsung phone that is very outdated but since I am under my bosses plan I don't qualify for a free phone (he gets all those).  My question is my nephew has a blackberry that he got from at&t that he no longer uses and said he would give it to me.  Does anyone know if Verizon can activate an AT&T phone?  And if so since my boss and his wife already have the unlimted data plan would there be an extra free to add another blackberry to the plan other than the $10 they currently pay?

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          Welcome to the boards. Unfortunately, an AT&T phone can't be activated on the Verizon network. They use separate technologies ... GSM vs. CDMA. If you found a compatible BlackBerry, it would cost an extra $30 at this time (the data plan applies to each phone), although there are rumors that customers may be able to get a $15 data plan on smart phones in the future. It's unfortunate your boss takes all your upgrades. You could look on eBay for a Verizon phone and ask him to pony up.

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            That's a bummer, thanks for your help!