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    Upgrade question


      I'm eligible for an upgrade on my phone and I was wondering if I would have to pay up front for my phone if I bought the phone off of verizonwireless.com or would I be billed on my next months bill? I used to have T-Mobile and they would bill me on my next bill for my phone but I don't know how verizon works.



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          Yes upgrades can be billed to your account if you meet these requirements.


          • An account with at least six months of service.
          • Account must be current


          If the account is in any of these standing you will not be able to bill an upgrade to your account.

          • An account with less than six months of service.
          • Cash only accounts (currently or in the past six months).
            • Customer eligible six months after end date of Cash Only.
          • Customers who have a security deposit.
          • Accounts exceeding $24.99 in the 30 day or greater past due buckets.
          • Related past due accounts (system checks for accounts based on Social Security Number and Customer ID.
          • Non-payment hotlines, fraud hotlines or suspends (at time of BTA request or within the past six months).
            • Includes related accountnon-payment, suspends, disconnects, fraud disconnects or write-off accounts that are outstanding.
          • Suspends and/or hotlines (at time of BTA request or within the past six months).
            • Includes:
              • Non-Payment
              • First Payment Default
              • Bankruptcy
              • Fraud
              • Outstanding Write-off Accounts