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    What is the best Missed Call / Message / Text Alert Reminder App?


      As most of us found out after we purchased our Motorola Adriod X  Version 2.2 phones, they forgot to put Message Alert Reminders for Calls, Emails, Texts, Etc. So, if you don't hear the message alert the first time your out of luck until you check your phone. This is a real pain. I am looking for an App that has audible reminders not just visual. I have found a few Apps that say they have missed call and message reminders, but after reading some of the reviews I'm not sure if I want to install them. The one that sounds the best to me is "Handcent SMS". Can anyone tell me if they use this App, and if it will do what I'm looking for, or recommend an App that would do what I'm looking for? I want the App to work without a lot of problems and sideffects from bugs in the program.


      Thanks for your help!