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    Accessing account through phone doesn't work.


      I have a samsung SCH-u350 that will not let me access my account information. Whenever I use the tool "My Verizon"  I get this:


      Not Found

      The requested URL /sspre/forms/myacc.jsp was not found on this server.



      IBM_Http_Sever at selfserve.vzw.com Port 80


      I just bought this phone a few weeks back and I have never been able to make payments to my prepaid acount without logging into this site or calling *611.  I find this very inconvenient!


      What is wrong with your services?  My wife also has a samsung SCH-u350, she can not use her my verzion tool either.  Her phone just tells her there is a bad mime type.


      My wife and I have been using verizon for about 3 years now.  We have never had any problems until now. 


      Can someone please help me with this.