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    Someone is adding minutes to my phone.


      I have a prepaid plan. Yesterday afternoon, I got two text messages within a minute of each other that said $19 and $20 had been added to my balance. I didn't do this, nor did the only other person who could have, my mother.


      We've already disputed it with Verizon and they removed the credit. They said it had been added directly from my phone, in spite of it being turned off and in my pocket for at least an hour before the credit was added. It was strange, but I didn't think much more of it until I got a text message just now - it's from a number I don't recognize, but it's the same area code and first three digits as mine. It says: "DID U GET THE 20D0LL WE PUT ON YOUR PH0NE IAM THE BIG D0G"


      I don't think my credit card or anything like that is in danger, but does anyone have any idea what in the world could have happened? I am so confused right now, and slightly worried.

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          Sounds like somone in your area has figured out how to add minutes to prepaid phones in your area code and prefix illegally.


          If concerned as you seem to be (which is great), call Verizon again and explain the text and the number it came from. You may have to talk to a few people to even get one to even have a slight clue on what you are talking about.


          Also, DO NOT answer the text.