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    Phone cannot send or receive text messages


      I have an unlimited texting plan and when I go to send messages to people (even with Verizon also) it says message failed and the same when people try to send me a message. When someone tries to send me a message it says "messaged failed to deliver: invalid destination (my phone number)" and when they go to message info it list      "[Status] - message failed    [error] - Temporary   [cause] - SMS Trm.D." I can still make phone calls and receive them. What does this mean?

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          First thing I would do is dial *228 then choose option 1 to reset your phone. Contacts, pictures and such will not be lost.


          Make sure the sender and you are sending messages to the persons 10 digit phone number. Do not include the leading 1, and do not send using a 7 digit number.




          If that does not work, I would call tech support from another phone so they can go through the settings with you.

          Maybe texting was inadvertently blocked for some reason.