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    NPR reports on "Pay for Pay


      This morning's new reported on certain mortgage companies, and Verizon specifically, charging customers to use the phone in or walk in option for paying bills.  Specifically, $3.50 would be charged to Verizon customers UNLESS you paid by automatic draft.  I tried the draft system only to have my bill due, lets say, the beginning of month, and Verizon hit my account for payment , lets say, two weeks early.  Called in and cancelled that option quick.


      Mortgage companies were reported to be charging as much as $15.00 per month to phone in a payment. 


      Verizon- Tell me this is not so!  I made every effort to phone in to "contact us" phone lines only to be unable to find a live body and automated options did not match my need to talk to someone.


      I have been a long time customer of Verizon, starting with a phone service which was absorbed by Verizon.

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          The $3.50 "fee", at this point, is for Verizon Communications accounts, NOT Verizon Wireless (two separate entities, two separate companies).


          The Verizon.com website (note: NOT verizonwireless.com) has this on it's billing page:

          Make a payment now without registering or signing in.

          Please note that payments made without signing in to My Verizon will be processed by a vendor who will charge a $3.50 service fee per payment. Avoid this fee by signing in or registering.


          For now, those of us with wireless service can pay online without any additional charges. And it looks like as long as you are registered and paying online for your internet, or other landline services,  you don't have to pay the fee either.


          Research, and get the facts before you get all upset over a non-issue.  While I don't necessarily agree with "pay a fee to pay your bill conveniently", it is clear there are still plenty of options to pay WITHOUT paying the extra fee.