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    DROID-X Freeze??


      Hello Everyone,


      My Droid-X keeps freezing on me.  In order to unfreeze it I have to lock and unlock it.  This happens constantly and is very annoying.  This never happened with my original DROID.  Does anyone have a clue as to the cause or have a work around or solution? 


      Thanks in Advance,



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          Hello mbwebman. I understand your concern with your device freezing on you. You can do a soft reset on your device by powering the device off and removing the battery. Once the device is powered back on dial *228 press send and select option 1 to re-program. At this point the phone will reboot itself. If this does not resolve the issue, try doing a hard reset on your device. 


          • From the home screen, touch the applications tab(located at the bottom of the display).

          • Touch Settings.

          • Touch Privacy.

          • Touch Factory Data Reset.

          • Touch Reset Phone.
            Note If presented, enter the current passcode or draw the unlock pattern.

          • Touch Erase Everything.


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            I just bought my X tonight, from the store to the car  the Motorola emblem appeared.  I thought it was the battery, but I still get alerts and phone calls, I just can't get to them.  I called Motorola and they said my screen is froze and I have to return it tomorrow.  I tried removing the battery and rebooting, still nothing....grrrrrrr

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              If they are willing to take it back without a fight, no big deal right. You could have had a phone that craps outs month down the line when you get a refurb phone, probably don't even feel like switching it out.

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                I have been having the freeze up issue and  just got this phone a couple of days ago.  It is a replacement (refurb) phone.  Anyway, I tried dialing *228 and the sound was so broken and scratchy that I couldn't even hear the message.  I did push 1 but then I got scared that it was going to totally reset my phone and I might lose data so I ended the call.  I really am bothered that my phone locks up on me.  No other smart phone that I have had previously has done this.

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                  Dialing 228 then pressing 1 will not reset your phone....it just updates the roaming calability helps to give you a better signal...does nothing to the data or apps stored on the phone
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                    Doesn't *228 then 2 update the roaming, and *228 and 1 initialize the phone?

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                      Option #2 does indeed update the PRL - your roaming abilities between towers. Option #1 is used to establish your new phone with Verizon. If it is already set up, the option is pretty benign - it won't do any "factory reset" of your phone.  At least that's been my experieince.

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                        Hi Colfrmb, 


                        Thank you to the community for your responses! I would like to ask a couple of questions for your Droid X.


                        -How often does the screen freeze?

                        -Do you notice a pattern with this? (Does it happen with a certain application, a picture message, text message, etc.?)

                        -Has the phone been updated to the Gingerbread software?


                        To "un-freeze" the screen, please remove the battery from the back of the phone, wait 60 seconds, and re-attach. This should allow the phone to re-register with the network.


                        To check and make sure that the phone is on the most updated software, please follow these steps:


                        Press Menu

                        Press Settings

                        Press About Phone (have to scroll down)

                        Press System Updates


                        If the update is already on the device, you will receive a notice that the device is up to date. If you are prompted to complete an update, please go ahead with the update.


                        If these suggestions do not resolve your issue, please complete the factory reset listed in the posting above. This setting erases all data from your phone, including your Google or other email account settings, system and application data and settings, and downloaded applications. It will not erase current system software and bundled applications, or files stored on an optional installed memory card, such as music or photos. For this reason, please make sure the data on your device is backed up. 


                        Please post back with your results. We want to make sure that your device is functioning properly. 


                        Thank you for your posting and have a good weekend!