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    Address change?


      Okay, so I've been all over my profile page, why am I not able to update my mailing address?    I haven't paid my Verizon bill because you keep sending it to my former address.  And it's impossible to change my address through the website.  Not a very user friendly site, but if you want to get paid, you will need my new address.


      So, how do I change my address?



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          When I log into the main account on the right underneath where it says pay bill I see I want too and then under that it says account actions and in there 5th one on left says change address.  Don't you have any of that on the right side of the screen when you log in?  Mary

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            To change the billing  address online you would need to be logged in as the Account Owner Role.  Only the Account Owner Role can change the billing address online. 

            On the main page when you first log in as the Account Owner, you can just click on the the change address link to the far right under Account Actions in the I Want to box.  There you can proceed to change the address.


            You can also hover the mouse arrow over the Account Tab, then click on the Account Profile Link,  then you would go to the Billing Information and click on edit below.  


            To the far right under the Account Actions in the I Want To box, you can also choose the change address link there as well.