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    Data Coverage in Puerto Rico


      I just got a Droid 2 with the Nationwide Talk & Text 1400 + Unlimited Data Plan.  I travel frequently to Puerto Rico and am there now.  If I enable data roaming while in Puerto Rico, will I be charged for data or is this covered under my current plan, ie is there no roaming charges for data in Puerto Ricio or not?


      Currently my business calendar and email are not updating because I have data roaming off.  My network shows "Extended Network" on my phone. 


      I stay mainly in San Juan and the northeast quarter of the island.

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          Based on this link I would say you are fine.  I was in St Croix earlier this year, everything was as if I was in the states. Text messages came out of my plan, phones calls fell where they should, F&F, M2M, nights at 7. And data was used extensively with not one penny being added to my bill. Some calls even listed as originating from PR.



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             I received the following after emailing Verizon for support.  Short answer, data in Puerto Rico is included in my plan.


            Good afternoon,


            Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website.  My name is Shay, and I will be happy to assist you with your inquiry regarding using your Droid 2 in Puerto Rico. I know the importance of understanding whether or not you will incur roaming charges.

            Data usage while in Puerto Rico is considered domestic and is based on your current data plan.  Upon review of your account, I noticed that you have the $44.99 Unlimited data plan for your Droid 2.  Any data usage (sending/receiving emails or accessing the web) while in the extended network in Puerto Rico will be included in your data plan at no extra cost.

            Verizon Wireless' Nationwide calling plans also give you the ability to make calls to/from Puerto Rico without roaming or long distance charges. To view the coverage in Puerto Rico, please visit our website by clicking on the following link: www.verizonwireless.com/plans

            Additionally, although a city may be displayed on the coverage map, you may be charged for roaming if another local carrier picks up your signal.

            Before leaving for your trip to Puerto Rico, it is important to update the software on your phone in order for you to receive coverage. Please follow the instructions below while in your home area and receiving a digital signal:

            1. Dial *228 (Send).

            2. When prompted, select option 2.

            Within two minutes, a voice recording will advise you that programming is complete. Remain on the line, as the call will disconnect automatically. After performing this software update, you will be able to determine what coverage will be available while you are traveling. You will be charged 69 cents per minute for roaming if a Roam, R, or triangle icon displays on your phone.

            If the roaming indicator is FLASHING:

            - You are traveling on the VZ Puerto Rico network

            - Home airtime rates and Night and Weekend Minutes apply

            - Enhanced digital services may not work

            - Dial your ten-digit wireless number to retrieve Voice Mail

            - Banner message (if applicable) will read "Extended Network"

            If the roaming indicator is ON (solid, not flashing):

            - You are traveling off network

            - Service may be unavailable, Roaming rates apply; Night and Weekend Minutes do not apply

            - Enhanced digital services will not work

            - Dial your ten-digit wireless number to retrieve Voice Mail

            - Banner message (if applicable) will read "Roaming."

            I have confirmed that you will not incur additional roaming charges for using data in the extended network of Puerto Rico. I hope the information I have provided has been helpful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you today.  We appreciate your business and thank you for using Verizon Wireless.

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              Have a son with Blackberry 9630, Global Data Access, and Nationwide plan.  Can send email, access internet, and BB message anywhere he has service,  He travels in Carribean with cruise line.  In what areas such as Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands can he also text and make voice calls without roaming or other additional charges.  Does he have to take any action to make this work correctly like before leave Florida and how often?  Will the phone indicate when he is in additional billing roaming?

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                Just an Update to June 2012: I called Verizon to ask about their extra charges when making calls, using data, and text messaging while in Puerto Rico and they said that you will not have roaming charges as long as it says "extended network" instead of "roaming." If you look at the coverage map about 95% of Puerto Rico should be in the extended network area. Whatever your current voice, data, text messaging service remains in effect. The only difference is that you will be charge .50 cents for every picture or video message you sent and .25 cents for every picture or video message you send regardless of if it succeeds in sending or not. If you hit a "roaming" area while in Puerto Rico you will be charged .69 cents per minute for calls.


                Note: the "extended network" and "roaming" banner appears on smart phones. I believe basic phones has"roaming" flashing or solid to tell if you are in an extended network or roaming area. I don't know which is which.


                Note 2: The customer service rep did not mention anything about *228 or any type of set up before hand but that might be because it is an iPhone.