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    Changing from a Family Plan to An Individual Plan


      Due to a separation/divorce, I need to change my plan over to an individual plan. I am the primary on the account, and would like to change to an individual plan. My contract ends in December, and I do not want to pay any cancellation fees. What steps should I take to do this?


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          Once your contract ends, there will be no ETFs for YOUR LINE. Since you are the primary, if you were to cancel, the secondary lines (or one of the other lines) would need to become primary.

          If the secondary line(s) want to split off and become a separate plan, with you remaining on an individual account, then the secondary would need to do an Assumption of Liability to take over their own line(s), and you would need to release them from your plan. This is the only way to avoid the ETF on the secondary if they are still in contract.