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    Droid Icons


      I found this handy chart on another forum   (Icon chart)  ....thought it might be useful to some.


      IconWhat it means
      New email message
      New SMS or MMS
      Problem with SMS or MMS delivery
      New instant message
      New voicemail
      Upcoming event
      Alarm is set
      Song is playing
      Data is syncing
      SD card full!
      More (undisplayed) notifications
      Call in progress
      Missed call
      Call on hold
      Call forwarding is on
      Speakerphone is on
      Ringer is off (Silent mode)
      Ringer on vibrate only
      Phone on mute
      GPS is enabled and working
      Content downloaded
      Sign-in/sync error
      CDMA signal, roaming, no signal
      GPRS service connected, data flowing
      Edge service connected, data flowing
      3G service connected, data flowing
      Wi-Fi service connected, network available
      Battery charge indicators: full, half-full, low, very low!
      Battery is charging
      Wireless services are off (Airplane mode)
      Bluetooth® is on, Bluetooth device connected