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    LG Ally - laptop will not recognize phone



      I am a new droid users. I have an LGVS740 Ally.

      When I try to connect it to my Windows XP SP3 laptop it shows up under device manager as GOOGLE   Mass storage USB device and theres an yellow! and when I try to update the drivers it will not let me,


      Can someone assist me. I did try mounting the USB and that didnt work. I also want to us this to sync my cal and move files onto my phone.




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          Once you have plugged up your device slide down the notification bar. Next choose to use your device in mass media mode so you can transfer your information. If this does not work Google LG Ally Drivers and choose where you would like to download the file. Then install and it should begin to work correctly for you.

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            My Ally connnects to my Windows 7 laptop without issue.

            Its XP that I am having problems with. When I connect and put the Ally into mass storage mode it doesnt recognize it.

            Under device manager the entry for this has a yellow exclaimation as if its not recognizing the phone.

            Ultimately I need to sync up my calendar. But right now I cannot get the WinXP laptop to even recognize the ALLY. And i have installed the drivers from LG's website. Still nothing.


            Has anyone been able to successfully able to get their XP machine to recognize the ALLY?

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              I have successfully connected my Ally phone to an XP machine. First, you will have to download and install all of the XP drivers for your ally from here LG Ally Resources . Just look for the Verizon logo on this page to get the Ally XP specific drivers. After you have done that, you would be able to mount your SD card and your phone should mount to your XP computer without any issues. Hope that this helps you out!



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