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    Getting photos off phone


      Once I get this darn VCast off the phone..how can I get my photos off my phone without e-mailing them to myself?

      I used to be able to do it by plugging it in.  Now I don't seem to be able to do it.  I have over 100 photos on phone..not on SD card.  Can't seem to get them off phone onto laptop any more.  Used to be able to transfer them using the cable.



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          When you plug the phone into your computer your phone may be automatically entering, 'Charging' Mode without giving you the option menu.


          Unlock the screen, pull down the notification bar and press on Charging. An option screen will appear and choose, 'Mount As Drive.' You will then see the 2 phone drives on your computer and you are free to transfer.

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            You were absolutely right!  If they would have given us instruction books with the phones, we wouldn't have to go to message boards to find these things out.  THANK YOU!

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              There is a manual you can download as a .pdf. And you are very welcome!

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                i downloaded the manual to my pc and my phone. i also ordered the free copy of it. when you got your device there should have been a card in the box with info. there was an 800 number to call to order a manual (it's free and a third party ships them to you free as well) and there was a link to download it from. all of that being said....it's really not that useful. 200+ pages of some very basic stuff. it doesn't go into much detail on specific tips and tricks to use.