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    Rollover Minutes (Like AT&T and TMobile)


      Does anybody know if VZW plans to introduce rollover minutes, by which I mean that minutes of a plan not used in the month to be added or credited to the next month's bill?



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          Probably not.


          1. T-Mobile doesn't have roll-over.


          AT&T has rollover and it doesn't last 1 year.  If you talk a lot you don't build minutes, and if you don't talk enough you lose minutes.  When I had AT&T I was at the cheapest plan  I always average 2800 minutes saved and even if the 12 month drops off I still have 2800 minutes saved.


          AT&T has one of the best marketing features that was useless.  You still have to watch your minutes even if you have rollover.

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            Here is what available from Verizon Wireless

            1) Friends & Family  free unlimited calls to any number including landline. Depending on your price plan you have a choice to pick 5 or 10 numbers to include in the list for Friends and Family


            2) In Calling - Verizon Wireless offers in calling, where you can call 90M+  Verizon Wireless customers for free.