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    Is USB Tethering (VZW Mobile Broadband Connect) enabled in Froyo on this thing?


      I don't have one of these yet, so I was wondering if there is a Broadband Connect option (USB Tethering) in this update? Didn't see one on the Droid 2, on other Froyo phones (Incredile, Fascinate, Sprint EVO, Epic) it is located under Settings>Wireless Networks> last item on the list under Mobile Networks. It appears as Mobile Broadband Connect, USB Tethering, Dialup Networking or something like that.


      If it's there, and VZW doesn't support it in the VZ access manager you load on your PC, you usually need a sync program or USB driver from the manufacturer on the PC then either use the sync program or set up a dialup connection from windows Network Manager.


      And yes, I know there is a charge to enable this via the WiFi Hotspot app (VZW & Sprint both throw in the Tethering with this if it's enabled on the phone).